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Clear the air: talk about it

In a relationship it is very important to clear the air and get your needs met. This is especially important if Read the rest of this entry »

Dialogue helps us understand each other

You and your spouse are different. You have two different brains! Even if you grew up in similar cultures with similar values, you still will Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Happily Ever After and Golden Nuggets

A bit about my book, Creating Happily Ever After: A Marriage Manual for What to Do After the Honeymoon is Over and the simplified e-book, Read the rest of this entry »

Creating Happily Ever After Interview with Marsh Engle

Assumptions and marriage: like oil and water

Sometimes in your relationship you may get caught up in assuming you know what your spouse intended to Read the rest of this entry »

Be the Mirror: Reflect Back What You Hear

A mirror is a reflecting device. Its function is to show what is there. It does not interpret what it “sees.” It simply gives back to the image before it exactly what is presented. In other words, when you look into a mirror, the mirror reflects back your image. That is all. You may look in the mirror and think, “Wow, I’m stunning!” or “Good grief, I’m fat!” but that is your interpretation, not the mirror’s point of view. Read the rest of this entry »

Unkind Words Create Distress in Highly Sensitive People

“Andrew might be free, but there was built into him a carefully detailed program concerning his behavior toward human beings: a neural channel that…was there to discourage him from giving any sort of offense. It was only by the tiniest steps that he dared advance. Open disapproval would set him back months.”

From The Positronic Man, by Isaac Asimov and Robert Silverberg Read the rest of this entry »

Schedule time for intimacy

Life can be so hectic for couples that they go for long periods without being intimate. This can cause grumblings on both sides. If you think Read the rest of this entry »

Importance of Date Night

If you are a couple that wants to keep your relationship fresh and passionate, it’s important to schedule Read the rest of this entry »

Cross-examining spouse: how to deal with it gracefully

If you are in a relationship with someone who plays junior attorney when you argue Read the rest of this entry »

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