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Hope keeps you stuck in a bad relationship

Is hope keeping you stuck in a bad relationship? Do you keep rushing into a new relationship, perhaps with someone you barely know, crossing your fingers and simply Read the rest of this entry »

Sexual dry spells in men…stress related?

Does your man have less interest in sex than he did when you first got together? Have you made advances only to be rebuffed by him? Before you jump to the conclusion that he is having an affair, take a deep Read the rest of this entry »

Bad relationships gone good

I was divorced at age 27 from a good man. Would you be surprised that despite having completed a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology, I knew next to nothing about Read the rest of this entry »

Lessons From Buffy, My Persistent Kitty

Every morning between 4:00 and 4:30 a.m., without fail, my cat Buffy jumps on the bed, intending to wake me up so she can get me to feed her. You may wonder how I know my cat’s intentions. Well, animals are great communicators if you know how to tap into what they are telling you.

When I get up, Buffy runs out of the room and toward Read the rest of this entry »

Stop psychoanalyzing me!

No one likes to be told they do something because of some particular reason. It’s great to read self-improvement books and to learn to Read the rest of this entry »

Win the argument, lose the relationship

Even if you are right, are you willing to risk winning the argument only to lose Read the rest of this entry »

Squirrel obstacle course; are you as persistent?

Do you have what it takes to create a lasting marriage? Do you give up at the first sign of difficulties? People who are “stubbornly Read the rest of this entry »

Recovering backseat driver

As I was learning Choice Theory, by Dr. William Glasser, I realized that I had a problem with self-control Read the rest of this entry »

Princess and the Pea: a Very Sensitive Girl

Do you remember the story of The Princess and the Pea? A prince wanted to marry a real princess. The way the queen mother determined if a particular young maiden was a real princess was to place a pea under 20 mattresses and the put 20 feather beds on top of the mattresses.

In the morning, the queen asked the princess how she Read the rest of this entry »

Examine your thoughts; change your feelings

More about how your feelings are a result of your thoughts and not the other way around. Some people have a habit of “emotional thinking” which is Read the rest of this entry »

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