Top 5 signs that it won’t work out for you and your partner

signs that it won't work out

Falling in love with someone is definitely the most beautiful feeling someone can experience, you don’t really choose someone to fall in love, it happens so naturally. Sadly, most of the relationships do not sustain long because of the red flags that people fail to recognize.
Relationship experts suggest some of the early signs that you should be aware of to predict the health of your relationship.
Below, Top signs to predict that it won’t work out with you and your partner.

You both are on the different page?

Core values are something that you should never negotiate about, being on the same page is absolutely necessary for the success of every relationship. Take it as a red flag if you and your partner can’t agree to be on the same page, whether its cultural values or financial decisions.
Adjustments are necessary to make any relationship work but if you are unable to do it then you are heading towards the trouble.

Do he/she takes you for granted?

Being in a relationship is a big responsibility and you deserve to be on their top priority.
Taking their personal space to live is okay but if you always find yourself last on their list then something is really wrong.
We live in a world where a person can make you feel special through phone calls, text message, video call, email, etc, but if they are still unable to stay in touch with you there is a serious problem.

They don’t respect you

The success of every relationship depends on mutual respect and understanding. If you find your partner to constantly degrade you or ignore your suggestion then its time to think again about the relationship.
The lack of respect can be manifested in several ways, including verbal or emotional abuse. If your partner acts too dominant in the relationship and tries to be the in-charge of the relationship, it’s better to keep yourself away from such a relationship.

They don’t really care

Sometimes, people act so desperate about being in a relationship with someone that their partner dont really care about their emotional and sexual needs.
Every person has emotional needs which affect the mental and emotional health, if you want to be a part of a happy relationship then you better find a person who really cares about your needs (emotional and sexual).

Hot and cold behavior

Does your partner devote the whole weekend to you and spend all the quality time with you but then you hardly hear from them for a week? This is known as hot and cold behavior. This usually happens when the person is connected to you just because of physical needs or if they have more then one affair.

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