Dating a cheater – is it even possible?

dating a cheater

So you are fallen for a guy or girl who has a prior history of cheating, it is definitely a difficult situation for you.

In short, there are few questions that you should ask before dating a cheater.

  • Did they tell you or did you got to know about their cheating instance from someone else? If they were honest with you, then its okay to give them another try.
  • Are they truly sorry about the cheating experience?
  • can you trust them even after knowing the truth?

dating a cheater

If you get the convincing answer to the questions above, then you should definitely give them another try. Let’s discuss the reasons why you should give them another try.

Everyone deserves a second chance

Mistakes happen, but that doesn’t mean you need to punish them forever. You know that he cheated on his ex-girlfriend but sometimes circumstances play important role in your decisions.  It’s not an issue to give him a second chance but stay conscious and aware initially.

His cheating may be a part of issues in the relationship

Cheating in may be an outcome of a toxic relationship.

Most relationships are failing because of some specific reasons. Someone is working too much. Someone isn’t affectionate. Someone isn’t happy at all. Someone is too controlling and jealous. Whatever the case may be, there is always a reason for a action. It’s essential to know the reason before we tag someone cheater.

He will be open for more transparency in the relationship

Just because you both know about the prior cheating instance, you can be more open towards the transparency in the relationship.

You both can agree to share phone passwords and social media access to have faith on each other.

dating a cheater

He knows the dark side of cheating

Cheating is not always the best experience, noncheaters are way more allured with the idea of cheating.

Cheaters have already dealt with the circumstance of cheating, he knows the damages caused by cheating, experiencing the dark side of cheating might transform them into a loyal person.

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Just because society named him a cheater does not mean he is only responsible for the cheating.

You should give him a chance of explanation before you reject him.


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