Working towards the perfect relationship

the perfect relationship

Definition of perfect relationship differ from couple to couple, some couples are very extrovert and outgoing, and some like to stay in their comfort zone; but one thing that is common in every successful relationship is the synchronization and tolerance towards each other.

This synchronization helps in avoiding any uncertain clashes and it also helps in keeping the relationship intact, let’s discuss about some tips to make your relationship a stronger and successful relationship.


Communication is a key to success, whether it’s your business or relationship, you can’t sustain longer without communication.

Communication is a two-way process where a person tries to understand what another person feels, but sadly most of the people concentrate on expressing themselves instead of understanding that their partner expects them to be.

If you are not sure on how to improve your communication skills then practice listening more then you listen, this will give you a better understanding of the true behavior and expectation of your partner.


While to maintain the superior communication you need to stay sensitive towards every act of your partner, every person is made different and you need to be sensitive towards them in order to understand how they feel about different things.

For example, if your wife is a emotional person and you are not, then you need to stay sensitive towards her emotions and you need to understand how to deal with that sensitivity.


In order to strengthen your relationship you need to develop an immense respect for each other, you need to list down the extraordinary qualities of your partner that no other person possess and the qualities that make you respect them.

This listing of good qualities will give you a sense of respect to stay sensitive towards the requirements of your partner.

Quality time

We have been hearing this since childhood “time heals every wound”, its true. In order to maintain a strong relationship you need to periodically start spending some quality time,  you need to start devoting some quality time with each other to strengthen your existing relationship.

If your relationship is going through a bad phase then its time to take a break, go on a long vacation and try to sort the differences.  


Relationships never go smoothly with arrogant behavior, you need to prepare yourself to adjust.

Adjustments work as a shock absorber in any relationship, it saves you from unnecessary clashes within your relationship.

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