Can a relationship really work without trust?

couple arguing

Can you have a no trust relationship? Can a couple survive a relationship where one or both parties don’t trust the other person?

In this world of social media, people are always talking to someone or chatting with someone. So it’s becoming increasingly difficult for partners to trust one another. Communication between partners has greatly reduced.

woman mistrusting husbandSo the question on the minds of most spouses is: If he is not talking to me if she is not chatting with me, what are they doing on their phones constantly. Then that question leads to snooping. And snooping makes most people feel like their privacy has been violated. Then this leads to fights.

Why relationships can’t really work without trust

People lose their partners in various ways. Maybe its because of a past relationship. It could be your present partner was unfaithful. Sometimes people don’t trust their partners because they themselves are unfaithful. Whatever the case, that constant fear that your partner is up to no good isn’t healthy for a relationship.

Can you be happy in a no trust relationship?

broken loveWhether you are the one worrying or the one being questioned, you can never truly be comfortable with each other. As a couple, you will never be happy. You will always be fighting over things that are “supposedly” happening and before you know it, one of you will cave under the pressure and leave. There are some people who have actually been pushed to cheating by their spouses. They end up feeling if he thinks I am cheating, why not just do it and be blamed for something that I have actually done.

If your lack of trust is because of a previous relationship, always remember that no two people are the same. Seek therapy and build a trust relationship that will have a higher chance of survival.


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