Tips on how to be the best partner you can be

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How can you be the best you in your relationship?

Relationships can be so dynamic. You may have entered a relationship with the main goal of making it work. But somewhere along the line, it just becomes difficult. Some things might present themselves in your way that makes it impossible to be in a successful relationship.

Unfortunately, some of these things can’t be controlled. Something might have happened to your partner that ends up affecting the entire relationship. Things and circumstances are always changing. But the best way to react to such changes is to evaluate you. The only person you can control in a relationship is you.

If you want to have a healthy relationship, then it pays to consciously be the best you. Look at how you are contributing to the happiness or the lack of it in your relationship. Is there something that you can do to make things better? Are your actions influencing your partner’s negative behavior?

Below are some of the things you can do to be the best you, which in turn means having a better relationship.

  1. Sleep

Now people normally like to brag about how much little sleep they have.  However, studies have shown that people who sleep well are happier and less cranky. Lack of sleep can be such a mood buster and it can also drain one of their energy.

We have to agree, a happier, more energetic, upbeat you, is definitely a better you. And if you are happy, for some reason, it rubs off on your partner. At the same time, you will find yourself focusing more on the positives and brushing off things that are not worth arguing about. People who sleep better have more self-control. Self control = Successful relationships.

  1. Be kind and respectful

Kindness has never hurt someone. Being respectful is very important in any relationship. Even when you are super angry at your partner, try cooling off first. Some things we say when we are angry can never be unsaid.

Once you start losing respect for your spouse and talk bad to them, it becomes reciprocal. What kind of relationship will you really have? Always find a way to be the best you to your partner, no matter what.

  1. Support your partner’s dreams and ambitions.

One thing that can make you the worst partner, is being non-supportive. It can build up so much resentment in your partner. If you squash your partner’s dreams, one day they will leave you to go and fulfill them.

  1. You can be the best you for your partner by loving yourself.

Make a conscious decision to be kind to yourself. Do things that make you happy. People who have self-compassion make great partners. How do you expect to treat someone well if you don’t know how to do it to yourself? When they say love your neighbor as you love yourself, then the self-love is the benchmark. Learn to love yourself.

  1. Compromise as opposed to denying yourself.

You cant be the best you if you keep denying yourself things you love for your partner. You cant just be the only one giving up stuff. Eventually, you will crack. Compromise is giving and taking… meeting in the middle. Self-denial eventually builds resentment. How about discussing a middle ground all the time.

However you look at it, to be the best you for your partner begins with you!


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