How to ensure that you have a happy married life

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In my years as a marriage counselor and relationships expert, I always meet couples who are always looking for ways in which they can maintain a happy married life. It is the goal of every couple anyway. I mean, why get married if the intention is not to be happy, right?

Marriage is such a beautiful thing if you have a clear goal in mind as a couple. However, we can’t escape the fact that it has its ups and downs. And looking at the divorce rates, the downs seem to far outway the ups.

That isn’t to say that all is lost. I have actually managed to salvage a considerable number of marriages that were on the verge of divorce. So how can a couple prevent the worst from happening? Below are some of the ways couples can ensure that they stay happy and have a long-lasting marriage.

  1. Communication is key

It is very important to learn to speak out in a relationship. Whenever you feel there is an issue, don’t bottle your feelings up. Talk to your partner in a civil and loving way. Learn to deal with differences in opinions. Let your partner explain their side. Listening is a skill that really helps when it comes to solving marital disputes. Then discuss and come up with a plan of action that will work for both of you.

At the same time, be talking about your goals, especially where your relationship is concerned. Talk to one another about what makes you happy and work on actively doing things that will maintain that happiness.

  1. Compromise is important in maintaining a happy married life

People usually come from different backgrounds. So naturally, both of you will be different and have differences. That on its own isn’t a bad thing. How you deal with and handle these differences is what really matters.

Compromise is very important. And your marriage needs to be a give and take affair. You have to be willing to give up something in order to gain something. Learn how to make small sacrifices for the sake of your relationship.

  1. Learn to say thank you

thank you noteSomething as simple as saying thank you even for the little things really helps. This will always leet your partner know how much you appreciate them. Always remind one another how much you appreciate the fact that you are together.

“I am grateful that I have you” is a phrase you need to include in your lives. Appreciation keeps infidelity away.

  1. Give one another the chance to be an individual

It’s good to be doing things together as a couple. In fact, a couple who enjoys similar hobbies usually thrives. However, don’t sacrifice things you hold dear. Also if your partner wants to pursue some things alone, then let them and encourage them.

Sacrificing things that you hold dear to for your partner usually builds resentment in the future. For you to have a happy married life, you have to support your partner’s individual advancements.

  1. Keep relationships outside the marriage.

Make time for friends you don’t share. Go out and have fun as an individual and come back and share how your day has been. Sometimes a small break from one another keeps things alive. Such new experiences will make you a happier and a more interesting individual for your partner.

  1. Consciously work on maintaining intimacy.

Sex is important. Though I am not just talking about sex. Have some special time for the two of you.Take romantic strolls together. Don’t stop kissing. Cuddle. Just talk. And if you are too busy for sex, schedule it. Do all it takes to keep the spark alive.

Go away together from your normal settings. All it takes for the spark to come back is to remove yourselves from your normal settings even for one night.

  1. Be kind to one another

Don’t use harsh tones. It shows disrespect. And when you lose respect for one another, it is usually downhill from there.

  1. If things are too bad, seek counseling

Don’t drown yourselves in your troubles. Help is always there. Do not be afraid to seek help from professional counselors.

Sometimes all it takes is for someone to give you a fresh look on how to deal with things. So long as both of you are into maintaining a happy married life, it can be salvaged.



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