Handy advice for newlyweds

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Why is advice for newlyweds that important?

Have you ever heard of couples who have been living together for years only to get divorced just a year after tying the knot? What really went wrong, one might ask.

The thing is: marriage is such a huge milestone for any couple. Once you say “I do” the dynamics of your relationship changes. You no longer have a “one foot in one foot out” kind of relationship. You are all in.

There are so many things you will have to treat differently. So relationship advice for newlyweds is very important as it helps a couple navigate through these changes in their lives as a way of avoiding relationship failure.

How does married life change things?

Tying the knot feels like it’s something totally new. For some reason, even something like a fight is treated as “a first fight” after the wedding. There is the pressure of not wanting to fail. There are in laws to deal with who fully come into the picture. Then there is the finaces questions. Do you consolidate them or continue to have separate accounts? Are you changing your surname? For some reason, people have less sex!!!

These changes however need not be looked at negatively. Having made the move to tie the knot means that you now view your relationship in the forever-together light. Even when you get into a fight, deep down you will be like “we are gonna work it out”.

So what is the best advice for newlyweds?

How can you keep the spark going?

  1. Do not let the in-laws meddle in your relationship.

Marriage is a union of two people. The moment you let your family meddle in it, you will be doomed. They will always have an opinion about your spouse. Always remember, the only opinion that counts is your own.

  1. Make time for fun with one another

Just because you tied the knot doesn’t mean that things should now be all serious. Even if you are busy, find time to continue doing the things you both enjoyed doing before married. This will keep you closer.

  1. Socialize with your friends separately

The fact that you are now “one” doesn’t mean that now you live in your own cocoon. It is healthy for the relationship if once in a while, you hang out with your friends separately. It actually helps to bring in something new to the relationship.

  1. Have sex!

Schedule it if you have to. But don’t ever stop doing it.

  1. Get away from your normal lives.

Leave your house and go somewhere fresh and spend the weekend together. Even if it’s for one night, trust me, everything will feel fresh! And the sex at this getaway will also be out of this world.

It’s my hope that you will benefit from that advice for newlyweds

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