Breaking it down. What actually IS a relationship?

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What is a relationship?

The simplest definition of a relationship is the connection between two or more people. This can be between workmates, family members, friends… and then we have the emotional, romantic and sexual relationships.

Well, in this article we want to focus on the romantic kind of relationship. We will also outline signs that make you know you are in one and whether you are succeeding in a relationship.

The thing is, you may have met someone you like spending time together. You are seeing each other, dating, or hooking up. People have so many labels for relationships. But what is a relationship, really? What does it really mean to be in one?

If you want to have a great relationship, one that gives you that feeling of warmth and bliss, then you have to put some work into it. Well here is how to tell that you are in one.

You are happier when you are together

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Good relationships are usually built on mutual happiness. You just find yourselves wanting to be with this person. And you love every minute of it.

It’s more than just a mere liking

You know you are in a relationship when you both know that whatever you are feeling is more than just a liking. You care about this person and you know that you would walk an extra mile to make them happy. In a good relationship, couples mutually go out of their way to make each other feel great.

You argue and make a point of making up

The thing with arguments in a relationship is that they hurt. Some random person might say something that you can brush off. But you will know you are in a relationship if something hurts more than it would normally hurt.

Being in a relationship means having constructive arguments and strive to make up. Basically, you would rather iron things out faster than be mad at each other.

Suddenly you are a team

The moment “I will do this” turns to “We will do this”, you are so in a relationship. You don’t ever need to ask “what is a relationship?” if your “I”s have turned to “We”s. This is when you find yourself considering the other person’s wants, needs, and feelings before even making the tiniest decisions.

You respect one another

You care. You are kind to one another. Plus you also try hard not to cross your partner’s boundaries. At the same time, you try not to upset them. And when you do, you are genuinely sorry.

There is intimacy… not just sex

People might confuse a purely sexual relationship with a romantic one. That said, a romantic relationship goes beyond humping. You find yourselves kissing for no reason, holding hands, just cuddling in front of the telly. And when you have sex, there is that emotional connection that makes you hold one another when done.

Do you now understand what is a relationship? Its when two people love and understand one another.




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