A-ha. So that’s how you know you messed up!

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When people begin a relationship, can you be sure that’s how you know you messed up? It’s usually quite hard to tell when your new love is mad at you. Reading one’s body language can be hard to decipher during the early days of the relationship. One might assume it something else.

As time goes by and after going through numerous fights, one is able to easily tell when their partner is mad at them. You are in a better position to know when they are over the moon and when they don’t want you anywhere near them.

So what hidden signs should you be looking out for in order to guarantee relationship success?

Now, most people usually have no clue when their significant other is annoyed. Yes, he or she might be acting not normal but it could be a number of things, right? And if they are mad, what are they even mad about? You start wondering what you might have done wrong over the last days. Here is what to look out for…

That’s how you know you messed up when…

5 Signs she is mad at you…

  1. Normally, women love being the first to contact a dude they like. Now if you are dating online and it reaches lunch time and she hasn’t emailed or texted something must be up. If you talk to her and her responses are mono worded or you don’t get any response at all, dude you definitely have messed up pretty bad.
  2. She keeps saying “I don’t care” or “whatever”
  3. If you have a pet name for one another and suddenly your girl is calling you by name, babe, you have screwed up somewhere
  4. When notice her making a big deal out of small things, then it’s not really about what you just said. There must be some pent conflict.
  5. A sudden lack of affection is the biggest sign. I am not just talking about sex. I am saying affection like holding your hand or even a simple peck on the cheek, then something is really a miss.

5 signs he is mad at you…

annoyed man

  1. His reply to your text is a “Can we talk later” message and doesn’t bother talking to you that “later”.
  2. His conversations stop being casual and suddenly it’s like they are talking to their business partner.
  3. When you ask him what’s up and he says he doesn’t want to talk about it.
  4. When you keep calling him to hang out but he blows you off every time, then that’s a major warning sign
  5. He doesn’t want to have sex???


Whatever they are mad about, try to approach things delicately. The thing is, if one is doing any of the above, that’s how you know you messed up.

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