7 Deadly Habits That Can Ruin Your Relationship

silent couple

A relationship could be the best thing that can ever occur in your life. It brings anyone joy and contentment in life. However, a relationship can be really fragile. There are some deadly relationship habits that you may be doing that you do not know. Here are seven deadly relationship habits that you should avoid.couple talking


Complaining is a sign of discontentment. If one of you always complain about the things in your relationship, one is simply not happy and this will bring stress and depression to the other one. Complaining is not only dissatisfaction but it also means that you only see the negative things in your relationship.


Nagging is constantly telling your partner what he or she should or should not do. This is constantly giving unneeded pressure to your partner. It brings a stressful atmosphere to your relationship.


Criticizing is giving negative comments to your partner. It can be constructive, but most of the time, it is perceived as destructive in a relationship. Giving negative judgment on how your partner looks and behavior can lower their self-esteem and also their self-trust.


Blaming is placing your partner as the one at fault in situations. Constant blaming can rise hate in your partner. This can even get worse if you always put the blame on him or her without even acknowledging your own fault in the situations.


If you try to give something to your partner but with a motive to control him or her, you are bribing your partner. Bribery is done in order to manipulate the other person. Manipulation is never a good thing, especially in a relationship.


Threatening is giving warning to your partner. It can be taking away positiveness in your relationship. It can also be carrying out something negative in your relationship. Either way, this will cause upset on your partner.


Punishment is when you eliminate something that brings happiness to your partner. It can also be done by bringing negative actions just because he or she did something to upset you. Punishment is never perceived as a positive act especially if it is constantly done.

silent couple

These seven deadly relationship habits when constantly done can ruin your relationship with anyone. This does not bring happiness and love which are the purpose of a relationship. These habits can ignite hate, depression, stress and other negative vibes. And how will most people react to negativity when they can no longer bear them? They withdraw from it. This can result in the separation of the pair.

So, avoid these deadly relationship habits. If you have done this in the past, ask for forgiveness from your partner. You can try again with your relationship with some relationship connecting habits.

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