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Oh, no you didn’t!

Did you really just say that to me?

I never thought I would be one of those people who said, “Unless you have been through it, you don’t understand it.” Yet, here I am, saying this very thing. As a member of the young widowed club, a club everyone who stays with their love “till death do us part” will eventually, though unwillingly, join, I am always appreciative when people express their condolences, even though it has been over three years since my late husband died. Read the rest of this entry »

Ask Michelle Anything

Do you have a burning question about dating? Marriage? Being single? Divorce? Widowhood? Finding love again after loss? Making your good marriage great? Troubles with inlaws? Sexual frustrations?

Whatever your question about relationships, Michelle Vasquez would love to answer them. The Read the rest of this entry »

Ask Michelle Anything

I encourage you to take advantage of these weekly webinars. Ask me anything!

Finding Love after Loss

If you live in Orange County, I will be holding a live event on August 12. To sign up and get more details click here.

How do you know when you are ready to find love again after loss? If you have been widowed, survived a painful divorce or break up, or lost someone dear to you by other means, you may still be grieving, but also feeling very lonely. How can you make a clear-headed decision about finding love again when you are in this state?

In this informative meeting, you will receive lots of great content to help you prepare to love again! Read the rest of this entry »

“True Love” Elton John & Kiki Dee

My favorite waltz with my late husband.

Widowhood: Permission to Love Again

I was 40 years old when my late husband died. It was a terribly lonely time for me as you can relate to if you are a widow or widower reading this article. As much as I loved my late husband and considered him to be my soul mate Read the rest of this entry »

Young widow finds love after loss

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Widowhood: Loss to Love Again

I am creating a new niche, specializing in widowhood with an emphasis of love after loss.

Losing a beloved spouse is a hard and lonely place to be in. Losing a spouse from whom you were estranged can be even harder.  Losing a spouse and the aftermath of pain comes in many different forms Read the rest of this entry »

From Loss to Love Again

I am in a coaching program with Marsh Engle to teach me about writing a book. Marsh has written several series of books and her latest is a collaboration with women who share their stories. The book series is:

Amazing Women: Essentials of Success

This particular book is about authenticity. My story will be about the authenticity of finding love after loss. I will talk about what a widow or widower needs to know and require of her/himself and of a potential new love to be able to love again.

I am so excited about doing this as I see it as a first step toward writing my own book about this subject!

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Why am I Still Single and What Can I Do About it?  Five Attitudes That Can Keep You From Finding the One for You

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