Are you “shoulding” on yourself?

I know from a lifetime of experience that I tend to be very hard on myself. Maybe you can relate.

I “know” that I am a human being and, as such, not going to be at my best 100% of the time, yet I beat myself up when I am not, “shoudling” on myself (I should do better, know better, be better).

I am learning how to accept myself as being imperfect and human.

If you can relate to my words, you may be one of the people who also tortures yourself, your mind going over and over what you said or did, wondering how you could have been so “stupid.”

Why do we do this? I have lost lots of sleep and peace of mind berating myself for normal lapses, which are common to everyone living and breathing.

I have made some small and some huge mistakes in my life. I value the people who have helped me to realize that I am human and that I do not need to be so hard on myself.

I am now working with a grief counselor, a product creation coach, and an accountability coach.

I have seen some wonderful changes in my abilities and in my mental and emotional state since I had the courage to let these wonderful women help me.

It’s been a lot of work and totally worth it!

I love to help others achieve their relationship goals, yet, I was not allowing myself the same chance to help myself! Crazy, I know, but I am learning to value myself and let go of the need to get it all perfect.

After all, I do not expect perfection out of my wonderful, resourceful clients. Why should I expect it of myself?

The best we can do in this life is to continue to strive to grow and learn, and to reach out for help when we need it.

What else is going on?

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