Creating Happily Ever After

Has your marriage fallen into a predictable, boring pattern?

Do you revisit old arguments that have no easy resolutions, yet you keep hashing and rehashing them, until you could just scream?

Do you sometimes wonder what life would be like if you didn’t have to live with the man you once adored?

If you are married to a good man, but you are stuck and you want to find the passion that once was fully alive in your relationship, we need to talk! You are a woman who values your marriage and you’re committed to it, but you want it to be something more.

You remember the days when you first met, before bills, children, house payments, and all those other necessary things that come with building a family together got “in the way” and made things so complicated. You miss the man who was once your best friend.

You find you argue more than you kiss. You throw daggers at each other with your eyes instead of gazing lovingly at each other. You want peace. You want harmony. You want your sweetheart back again.

Here’s the truth: you can have this again. You can recreate the love that has been buried under bills, family, mortgages, and work. You were once so in love that you said “I do” to the man you are with, right? That love is still there. You can reclaim it.

Talk to me today about how I can help you reverse the arguments and rekindle the flame of love in your marriage.


Hi, I’m Michelle Vásquez with True Love Relationship Coaching. I have over 18 years experience as a Licensed Professional Counselor in Texas working with couples helping them learn communication and problem-solving skills.

With my training and background as a marriage therapist helping couples solve their marital problems, I understand couples at a deep level.

With my gentle, yet structured style of relationship coaching, I am the best person to help couples tease out the issues that keep them stuck on the Hamster Wheel of Conflict, and help them find the path to Happily Ever After.

I specialize in helping women reconnect with their husbands. I love helping couples work together to renew their love for each other. It’s not lost, it’s just asking to be remembered.

Even if your husband is not interested or willing to join you in your quest to create a happier marriage, you and I can do some great work together that will help you learn what you can do to improve your relationship.

Who do you know who is looking for a respite from the conflict of her marriage? I can help. Together we’ll create a plan of action to help her remember why she said, “I do” to the one she loves.

Soon I will offer the Relating From the Heart ™ Process workshops via the Internet, so sign up for my free report at (or look to the right hand column and get your report there if you’re already on my web site). I will make sure to keep you informed about upcoming workshops.

The Relating from the Heart™ Process created by Michelle Vásquez is a step-by-step method designed to help married women over 40 learn dynamic ways to relate at the heart level and rekindle a sense of passion with the man in her life.

Through experiential methods you learn highly effective skills of compassionate listening, communication and problem-solving by reconnecting with and remembering the deep feelings that led you to say “I do” to your husband.

If you love your husband but you’re not “in love” with him, together we will work to rekindle the love that is not lost, but is simply asking to be remembered.


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Create your very own happily ever after! Learn dynamic ways to relate at the heart level, and rekindle a sense of passion, with the one you love.
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